What is podiatry?


Podology is the non-medical medicine on the foot. The name is derived from the Greek podos – for feet and logos for teaching / customer. According to the Podiatrists Act (PodG), podiatrists are defined as a medical profession and not a medical healthcare profession. Podiatrists usually work with health insurers, since diabetics who suffer from diabetic foot syndrome can receive a prescription for remedies for podological complex treatment from the doctor. The most common foot problems such as corns, corneas, nail fungus, calluses and ingrown toenails can be successfully treated with regular foot care.


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Risk patients such as rheumatic, hemophiliacs and diabetics receive targeted treatment and care. This is done professionally in close cooperation with diabetologists, dermatologists, rheumatologists and orthopedists.

Patients with diabetes mellitus (diabetes) should pay special attention to their foot health because they often suffer from nail fungus, pressure sores and calluses, which can have serious consequences in diabetic foot syndrome. The podological complex treatment is particularly suitable for diabetics.

Nail correction braces are aids for the correction of all forms of ingrown, curled and deformed nails. These clips can be made of different materials. There is the plastic version and the stainless spring steel version. Diabetics usually receive a prescription for medicines (private patients a prescription) from the treating doctor.

Children’s feet require particularly careful treatment, as they could cause pain into old age if handled incorrectly.

Orthoses are there to correct toe deformations. They also protect against pressure and friction points on the foot. These orthoses are made from a special medical silicone.

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